Time to clean your room, UK!

Occasionally I wonder what it must be like for kids in school at the moment.

Adults are wandering around crying it’s the end of days, no matter what’s happening. Rights are getting stripped away from people, and the people who it affects the most are ignored.

It’s a history lesson unfolding in real life.

This is what happens if you do not have a strong opposition in power.

This is what happens if money is allowed to have the final voice.

This is what happens when an incredibly powerful and right wing press gets to run riot over people’s lives.

In one of my favourite sitcoms, The Middle, the oldest teen son finally gets his chance to vote, and his family are shocked by his excitement, considering his total apathy in life otherwise.

“My whole life people have been telling me what to do,” he says. “Sit up straight. That cup’s not a toilet. Clean your room. Well, now I finally have a say. Now I get to tell America to clean its room.”

It’s both beautiful and terrifying in one moment. But that’s democracy.

Sorry, kids, we’ve messed up.

But register to vote (and people will try and stop you!) and you can finally tell us off like we need.

It’s your future after all.


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